Wald #8095 Touring Handlebar 1″ Center Wald Bars


Wald #8095 Touring Handlebar 1″ Center Wald Bars
Chrome Old school cruiser bar 24 1/2 inches wide.
25.4mm center mounting area.
Vintage Cruiser bike restoration project or
Electric Bike, Hybrid/Comfort Bike, Motorized Bicycle!
Material: Steel
Finish: Chrome
Width: 24″ inches
Bar Rise: 2.5″ inches
Diameter at ends: 7/8ths inch, 22mm
Center Clamp Diameter: 1″inch, 25.4mm
Length of Attachment Area: Knurled Lines 1″ 1/4inches 33mm
Pull back: 9″ inches 45 degree angle
Center Width: 4.5″ inches straight, before they bend upwards
that lights ect could attach
Weight: 1Lb 9.5oz
Length of bar controls area: 7″inches
They’re pretty similar to the standard schwinn bars
you’d get on an old 3-speed from the 1950s and 60s.
The bar ends are angled about 45 degrees
outwards which is good for me.

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Weight 11 lbs


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