Vintage Schwinn Messinger Crash Rail S Seat Red


Schwinn Red S Saddle Seat Crash Bar
may be from a 60 61 62 Corvette Panther Jaguar Traveler
Came with a chrome seat post (seatpost included in sale)
so must have been an upper level model of Schwinn.
Saved this seat wrapped separately because this is one
of the best original condition red Schwinn S
seats we have ever seen.
Double black springs underneath and
protective crash rail.
Saddle is 9 7/8 inches long and 8 1/2 inches wide,
rail is 8 1/2 inches wide.
Total Length with Rail: 10 1/8inches, 258mm
Total Height with Springs: 3 5/8ths inches, 90mm
Total Width with Rail: 8 1/2inches, 220mm
Weight: 2Lbs 13oz with seatpost

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