Universal DISC Sprocket Adapter Bore 1.3inches 33mm


Universal DISC Sprocket Adapter Bore 1.3inches 33mm

This adapter was developed so Manic Mechanic Sprockets and kit steel sprockets
can be mounted to a disc brake hub and have adjustable spacing,
with spacers or washers for alignment with your motor sprocket.
Or it can be used as a rotor stiffener or for attaching different rotors,
and or a brake rotor on the outside and sprocket inboard.
Can be used as a 1/4 of an inch spacer in a kit rubber 9 bolt sprocket assembly.
Another use for this part, adapting a disc brake rotor to a front standard wheel,
using kit 9 bolts and rubber pieces.

Patent Pending, U.S. national application filed in the USPTO under 35 U.S.C. §111(b)


Thickness: 6mm or 1/4 of an inch Aluminum

Weight: 4.3oz

Center Hole: 33.5mm or 1 5/16 inches

First hole pattern: 6 bolt ISO International Standard 5mm DISC bolt pattern

Second Bolt Pattern: Kit Sprocket 9 bolt pattern for 6mm bolts typical steel factory sprocket
81mm or 3 3/16 inches outer diameter of bolt holes

If you would like to use the kit sprocket inboard, the center hole will need to
be opened up on a lathe, to 55mm or 2 3/16 inches

Third Bolt Pattern: Manic Mechanic small 3 bolt pattern 10mm holes fit Chainring Bolts

Forth Bolt Pattern: Manic Mechanic large 3 bolt pattern 10mm holes fit Chainring Bolts

Outer Diameter: 107.6mm or 4 1/2 inches

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