Steel Heavy Duty Adjustable Leg Kickstand


Steel Heavy Duty Adjustable Leg Kickstand

Are you tired of fighting with your silly single leg kickstand?
Sick of your bike leaning over precariously every time you park it, just waiting to fall over?
So were we! So we did something about it, and you can too!
Get yourself a double-leg kickstand!
This is a new double-leg kickstand for bicycles,
the screw at the top will fit most bikes designed for a kickstand,
and there is an included top plate that can straddle your chain stay tubes
if you don’t have a kickstand mount on your bike.
The two legs on this kickstand will keep your bike incredibly stable,
and the durable construction mean the kickstand will not easily break or bend.
In fact, it’s strong enough for use on electric bikes and motorized bicycles, too!
You adjust the kickstand height by the threaded legs, then lock the position with the nut,
use Locktite thread locker on these nuts.
* Fits 24″ – 28″ bikes
* Adjusts from 10″ to 13″ high (from ground to mounting plate)
* Construction is steel with rubber contact feet

* Feet width is minimum 5 3/4″ when in the down position
(increasing to 7 3/8″ when feet are adjusted to lowest position)
* Our most rugged kickstand
* Applications: MTB & ATB, Road & Racing
* Weighs 2lbs 3 oz lbs (as shown in picture)
* Color: Black with Silver legs

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