SkyHawk CNS High Performance Carburetor Assembly


Comes with a CNS High Performance Carburetor,
Choke lever on the handlebars!
Throttle Handle, Choke Lever and Throttle Cable.
A great upgrade for your 2-stroke 48cc/66cc/80cc bicycle engine kit!
Carburetors are designed to improve air flow and
efficiency with a larger vent intake, breather tubes,
and the popular low profile cone-style air filter.
This carburetor also provides complete tuning control
as you are able to adjust the choke level, the idling,
as well as the air to fuel ratio.
Please Note: May require offset intake manifold.
For installation of this unit on standard (19mm)intake manifolds,
this carburetor includes a spacer for proper fitting.
Alternatively, using electrical tape around the intake
manifold to fill the spacing is an easy alternative that
allows for a perfect seal.
Includes Spacer to fit on 19mm Intakes.
Weight: 2LBS

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