Increase the power of your 49cc-69cc (“80cc”) engine.
Low cost yet heavy duty.
The ability to tune and fit almost any
bike makes this kit universal.
Fully tested by our testing team.
This pipe gets rave reviews for dialling your engine UP.
Along with a few minor mods, tuning the pipe puts
the power band where you want it,
and when your engine comes on this pipe
– you will know it!
Supplied with everything you need: the pipe,
fittings, hardware, a hanger, a silencer
and a hefty Al exhaust gasket.
Each bike is different and some fabrication
for hanging the rear of the pipe may be required.
This is how it looks on a bike after fabrication
and finally welding, sample photos, bicycle not included.
Can be hung under the motor for a cleaner look
and lower risk of leg burns.
Silencer tip limits the
sound coming from your motor.
Stud Mounting Size: 40mm (standard 2-stroke bike cylinder)
Please watch the video

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Weight 8 lbs


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