Rubber Mount Blocks and Hardware


Rubber Mount Blocks and Hardware

2 rubber engine mount vibration reducers
designed to control the engine vibration
to supporting structures or frames.
These isolators increase operator comfort and protect other
equipment components from premature failure due to vibration.
When properly installed, these types of mounts can prevent
as much as 75-85 percent of the engine vibration from being transmitted.
Slots on both sides of mounts are 32.75mm apart
2 Rubber Support Mounts 2″x1.2″x1.5″
4 Stainless Steel Motor Screws 4″inches(100mm) M6X1.0
4 Stainless Steel Nuts
4 Stainless Steel Washers
4 Stainless Steel Lock Washers
Weight: 6.2oz
Caliper not included


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