Red Metallic Powder Coated Gas Tank With Cap


Red Metallic Powder Coated Gas Tank With Cap
reds are hard to match so make sure, this is the proper color.
No returns, one of a kind. Includes fuel shut off.
Powder coated so gas will not effect the finish.
Had this mounted on a Micargi complete build, does not leak.
Had do disassemble the build, so at one time
it did have gas in the tank.
0.66 Gallon=2.5 Liters.
Includes mounting straps and four 6mm nuts.
Measures 11″ 7/16ths inches long channel,
5″ 7/16ths inches high including cap, 6″ 5/8 inches wide.
Pairs of 6mm X 1 mounting studs are
2″ 1/8th inches, 54mm apart on inside 66mm on outside.
Sets of 6mm mounting studs lengthwise are 4.46 inches, 113mm apart.
Black gloss primer paint on this tank.
Includes mounting straps, and nuts.
Length of Channel: 10″ 1/2, 262mm
Total Length: 11″ 7/16ths, 290mm
Total Width: 6″ 5/8ths, 169mm
Total Height: 5″ 7/16ths, 139mm
Mounting stud Length: 1″ 5/16ths, 37mm
Weight: 2Lbs

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