Springer Fork Disc Brake Adapter Bracket U.S.A. Raw


Raw Springer DISC Brake Caliper Bracket U.S.A.

Made in U.S.A.to MBRebel.com specifications!
This lazer cut, offset bracket fitting allows you to install disc brakes on virtually
any Bicycle [without welding]. Since forks come in many different diameters, you make,
or buy from the hardware store a strap to go around your fork or frame, to secure the bracket.
Can be used to mount a caliper on a springer fork, or cut and weld to any fork.
Made from 1/8 thick 1018 weldable steel, unfinished raw metal. Save money and convert your fork or frame,
fits standard Disc Brake Calipers. Works with 160mm rotors,
and 180mm rotors, 203mm rotors with the proper Caliper adapter bracket.
(not included supplied with caliper)

Weight: 1.2oz International Standard (IS).
This bracket is weldable steel and can rust, paint to your liking.
Material: 1018 weldable steel
Thickness: .120inch, 3.03mm
Weight: 4.6oz

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