PARK Chain Tool Pin CT-1,CT-2


PARK Chain Tool Pin/CT-1,CT-2

Replacement chain tool pin for CT-1, CT-2, CT-3, CT-3.2, CT-5, and CT-7.
The beauty of Park’s professional screw-type chain tools is that they last forever.
The only maintenance or repair that they’ll ever require is the occasional replacement of the drive pin.
For reference, the CT-3 has long been their professional model (with a black alloy handle and blue T-grip)
and the CT-5 is the Mini Chain Brute.
The Park Chain Tool Replacement Pin screws directly into the drive mechanism of the tool.
Park recommends that you install a new pin with blue Loctite to keep it secure.
Once installed, a new pin will give you a long service life and prevent damage
to the outer plates on your chain.
This pin is long enough to break 415 and #41 Chains.

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