Pair of DURO Diamond Tread TIRES 26″ X 2.125″ Cream 2 Tires


Size: 26 x 2.125
PSI: 40
Tread: Tread: HF-133
Name: Heavy duty diamond
Bead: Wire
Style: Standard
Brand: Duro
ISO: 9001
Duro-PRO Original Bicycle Tire 26″ x 2.125″ Diamond Tread HF-133
Tread pattern also called Goodyear G3Pt Balloon Tires
shown on vintage prewar bicycles.
This is a set of quality import reproductions of the
classic Goodyear pattern tires,
a nice balloon tire with a large squarish profile.
These tires are our favorite quality replacement
tire for antique bicycles, an all weather
and condition bike tire.
This is our go to tire for replacing tires on
Prewar Schwinn Ballooner Bicycles and
correct for all other Prewar and Postwar Fat Tire Cruiser Bikes.
Reliable Service and Quality, Perfect to Get your Antique or
New Cruiser Bike Back on the Road.
Tire pressure: up to 40 PSI
Weight Limitation: 200 lbs.

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