Offset Disc Sprocket Adapter and 26 Tooth Sprocket


Offset Disc Sprocket Adapter and 26 Tooth Sprocket


Outer Diameter: 4 1/2 inches or 114mm

Center Hole Diameter Bore: 1.357inch, 1 3/8ths inch or 34.49mm

Inner Step Diameter (rotor hub flange diameter) 2 3/16inches or 52.75mm

Thickness At Teeth: .170in or 4.34mm

Weight Of Offset Adapter and Sprocket: 6.4oz
Offset Disc Adapter, CNC polished
6 Chainring Bolts to mount 36 tooth sprocket
6 5mm X 20mm long Bolts for mounting adapter
CNC 26 Tooth motorized sprocket for 415 chain

Important instructions (warning):
Use thread locking glue on all screws including the 6 holding a rotor, and the 6 holding the 36 Tooth sprocket. Be sure to use Loctite Threadlocker Red 271 High Strength, or equivalent glue.
Use your existing ISO standard disc brake hub to attach a motorized sprocket!

This adapter can be used to place the sprocket inboard of the hub rotor face.

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Weight .8 lbs


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