OCC Schwinn Motor Mount with Chain Adjusters


Installation requires drilling two 3/8″ holes
in your frame.
The mounting plates sandwich your frame
and make it stronger.
One of the best things about this kit is it
allows the motor to sit back farther
in the frame for better handling,
better looks, and most important, a shorter chain.
1/8 of an inch thick metal
2 bolts included to bolt to you frame.
3/8 X 3 1/2inches, Washers and Nyloc Nuts
Diameter of front post: 1″inch, 25.4mm
Diameter of rear post: 1″inch, 25.4mm
Distance between to Posts Inside: 7 3/8inches, 188mm
Weld-able, rustable steel paint to your liking.
Weight: 3lbs 7.8oz
Will not work with large front mount motors.
Will not work with PK80 large front mount motors.
Works with older style motors with 1 inch front mounts.
Please watch the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gLUYIAqaOkA

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Weight 1.6 lbs


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