Mag Wheel Sprocket Adapter Large Offset with 44 Tooth Sprocket


This adapter was developed by the Chinese
to fix the issue of Mag Wheels that are not made with the
proper alignment for motorized bikes.
Thickness of Adapter: 1 7/8ths, 37mm
Inner Diameter of Adapter: 2 1/4th inches, 57mm
Inner Depth Of Adapter: 1 3/8ths inch,30mm
Thickness of mounting area: 1/4 of an inch, 6mm
Outer Diameter of Adapter: 64mm
Inner Diameter of Sprocket: 64.5mm
Only a 44 tooth sprocket is available
for this adapter at this time.
Includes 44 tooth steel sprocket.
You could purchase a different tooth count
tooth count sprocket and bore it out to 64.5mm
inner diameter.

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