Attention Home Bicycle Mechanics, Customers: For the ultimate in tire clearance and moving the sprocket
as far to the left as possible we recommend the Manic Mechanic Sprocket Adapter paired with a Sprocket
that has a 2 1/2 inch center hole. These brake arms were designed to line back up with a bracket mount
brake arm connectors such seen on beach cruisers and many other model bikes.
Not recommended if the fitment is not proper..

If your bike utilizes a strap mount, Never use anything but hardened steel or the original steel strap
when reconnecting if using a strap mount. A tremendous amount of pressure rides on this arm and your strap.
If this arm hangs to far down do not use. When straps let go, brake arms swing around, please be sure you
have everything adjusted properly. If need be, make a strap out of thick metal to hold this arm to your frame.

Brake arms must be bent on coaster brake hubs in order for the sprocket bolts to pass by without interference.
Over time I have seen this pose a problem with some customers. Some don’t have a vice, or a hammer,
or the know how to get the proper angle while bending. It can be discouraging and frustrating to say the least.
We try to keep things as easy as possible for the end user. Continually taking suggestions and making

Take the guesswork out of bending your brake arm. It allows plenty of room for lateral chain and bolt
clearance. This is a part that will make your life easier.

These arms were designed for the beach cruisers and other bikes with KT coaster brake hubs.
It will require 3/4″ of clearance between the frame and tire to fit properly.
When using on some Beach Cruisers you can remount the arm back to the factory bracket so it
works best with bracket mount connectors.
Here is a page on Coaster Brake Hub Adjustment. http://www.troubleshooters.com/bicycles/1speed/1speed_overhaul.htm

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