KT Coaster Brake Beach Cruiser Rear Wheel Rebuild to 11G Stainless Steel Spokes


This was a typical rear coaster brake wheel from a beach cruiser.
Had thin 14G black spokes.
In order to keep the look and avoid tire clearance issues and
wheel strength problems we rebuilt it. Information provided for your do it yourself project.
New 11G Gauge stainless steel spokes.
We can build or rebuild a wheel for you.
Payment for this skilled service will be United States Postal Service money order.
The money orders from the post office received to us in the mail.
No other forms of payment for skilled wheel building service will be accepted.
Wheel builds or re building with 12 gauge spokes,
that may need to be custom ordered can take up to
3 months to complete.
Wheels will be laced and trued with traditional
dishing specifications, when received you may need to get the
wheel redished for proper alignment to you motor, gears and sprockets.
Rims you have purchased online from other companies
can be shipped to us. All shipping charges shall
be paid for by the customer.
Email us for quotes and shipping address for the rims
and hubs. Lynn@CustomMotoredBicycles.com
Remove 260mm 14G spokes from old wheel $36.00
Drill out hub for thicker 11G spokes $36.00
Drill out rim for 11 Gauge nipples $36.00
Lace and true wheel $100.00
Total Labor $208.00


260mm 11G Stainless Steel Spokes $39.24
Parts Total $39.24

Total $247.24
Ship me your wheel or rim for this rebuild.
Estimate, please email for current pricing.


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