KMC 415 Master Link or KMC 415 Half Link


KMC 415 Master Link or KMC 415 Half Link

KMC 415 Master (Connecting) Link,
This master link is for the KMC 415 Industrial Speed Chain,
NOT the stock 415 chain.
Connects the 2 male ends of the links,
be careful to not cut your chain too short.
(watch orientation) Closed end of clip must go into motor
and hit chain tensioner first or clip will pop off.
ANSI No. KMC 415 Industrial
Pitch – P 0.5 in 1/2inch pitch
Pin Length 0.4700in 12.2mm
Pin Diameter – D 0.142in 3.6mm
Roller Width – W 0.191in 4.89mm
Roller Diameter – R 0.304in 7.71mm
Plate Height – H 0.387in 9.86mm
Plate Thickness – T 0.044in 1.07mm
Overall Width – F 0.209in
Overall Width – G 0.213in
Average Ultimate Strength 1,700lb
Finish Carbon Steel
KMC 415 Half link for this chain, has a slightly longer pin
because it has a cotter pin (see picture).
Choose the combo of links you would like.
Caliper not included.

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs


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