GT Navy Sparkle Moped Gas Tank


Includes motorized bicycle
petcock with filter and gas cap.
Has a few nicks and dents, vintage.
Has a dent and scratch, exterior rust, see pictures.
Super nice looking lines on this tank.
Visible surface dirt inside the tank,
rinse out with gasoline, and you are ready to go!
Strong thick metal,
We personally would bondo the small dent
and paint it,
but don’t have time to build all
the dream bikes we would like to build.
Tank Specifications:
Approximately holds 1 gallon
Length: 15″ inches
Width: 7″ inches
Height with cap: 6″ inches
Channel Length: 15″ inches
Channel Width: 2″ 5/8ths inches
Channel Height: 3″ inches

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Weight 21 lbs


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