Gloss Black Fenders with Sides 26 Inch 3 Inch Tire Possible


These Fenders are from the Micargi bicycle company.
Ordered many years ago.
We have never seen any other fenders like them.
They may have been for the Micargi Royal Bicycle with 3 inch tires.
Cool retro fenders, awesome flair.
These fenders will need to be custom fit to your bicycle.
They have holes in the center for 1 bolt center mount fender braces.
All fenders need to be fitted to bicycle frames,
slots may need to be made
to accommodate brackets or custom longer fender braces.
No returns on these fenders.
Bicycle fenders with sides
Color: Gloss black with a slight metallic,
Some paint flaws from factory.
Width: 84mm 3 1/4inchs, with sides 119mm 4 5/8ths inches

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Weight 23 lbs


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