Freewheel Conversion Reducer Bushing 1.250 OCC Chopper #20422


Shims a 1.50″inch Coaster Brake Sprocket Adapter
so it can be used on a 1.25″inch Diameter hub.
Insert the 2 piece reducer bushing onto
the each half of the adapter before assembly onto the hub.
So if you got a new rear 1.25″ hub
and have your old 1.50″inch adapter insert these shims.
This may be the least expensive way to use your old parts.
on your new 1.25″ OCC Chopper or Freewheel Hub.
You receive 1 set.
Once adjusted Locktite bolts and crank
the 2 clam shell bolts down tight.
Possibly use an extension on your Allen wrench.

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Weight .4 lbs


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