EZ Q-Matic Drive for HF Predator 79cc Engine FREE SHIPPING

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EZ Q-Matic Drive for Harbor Freight Predator 79cc Engine,
or with motors with 5/8 keyed shaft front drive pulley 5/8″ bore.
For Harbor Freight 79cc Greyhound & 79 CC Predator motors.
Comes with Max Torque Clutch, 5 bolts, key stock, black cover,
4 plastic clips for black cover, ready to bolt on!
Made and designed in the U.S.A. by an engineer that previously worked for Whizzer motorbikes.
Designing a motorized bicycle drive that never fails.
The 4 mounting bolts for the Harbor Freight Predator 79cc motor are American 5/16-24 X 3/4, fine thread.
Weight: 9Lbs 6oz
Size: Length 13″ 5/8 x Width 2″ 5/8 x Height 6″ 3/8ths, black cover applied area
Compatible chain not included: #41
Ez QMatic Drives are designed for a larger rear sprocket preferably 56 teeth for proper gear ratio (not Included).
No one was ever sorry they bought the best! MADE and designed in the U.S.A.


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1 review for EZ Q-Matic Drive for HF Predator 79cc Engine FREE SHIPPING

  1. Jeremiah Baumann (verified owner)

    I have used this drive system daily for 2 years under very severe conditions. I am heavy (280 lbs) and riding a 79cc in a hilly area. I ride all winter in snow on studded tires with low tire pressure. I tow a utility trailer to the store.
    It’s severe service, and it was smooth and thoughtlessly reliable. I’m just now replacing the clutch after possibly 10,000 miles of this harsh use. All the other components are doing great.

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