Expansion Chamber Muffler Exhaust 11″inch Black or Chrome

Expansion Chamber for more
Power! 2 Stroke Muffler Exhaust Pipe For 49cc 50cc 80cc Engine.
The Expansion Chamber enhances a 2-stroke engine’s power
output by expanding the volumetric efficiency.
It also provides a boost in the top end speed
as well as improving the use of the left over energy
from the burnt exhaust exiting the cylinder.
This helps aid the filling of the cylinder for the next cycle.
Length top of exhaust port flange to end tip: 11 inches
Diameter at largest point: 2 1/4 inches, 58mm
Package Includes:
1 × Expansion Chamber Muffler
1 × Gasket
Hole Distance:40mm Standard
Weight: 1lb 4.6oz
The muffler is brand new but will have some
dents and scratches,it is common.
Mufflers may need to be heated red hot with MAP
gas and bent to fit your motor set up.
Take muffler off of engine before heating to bend.
Chinese chrome may have imperfections in it.

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Additional information

Weight 1.4 lbs
Expansion Chamber Muffler Exhaust 11"inch

Black Expansion Chamber Muffler Exhaust 11"inch, Chrome Expansion Chamber Muffler Exhaust 11"inch


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