DISC Drive Sprocket Adapter 9 Chainring Bolt Style

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For use when attaching a DISC Drive Sprocket
and a DISC Brake Rotor.
1/2 inset (3/4 inch total thickness) Large
1/4 inset (5/8 inch total thickness) Medium
1/8 inset (1/2 inch total thickness) Small
Chose your offset, actually it is inset,
toward the spokes,
center of hub.
On a DISC hub wheel the sprocket needs to be
attached closer to the spokes.
This adapter allows for that
inset, allowing a DISC brake rotor
to also be attached to the hub.
For mechanics skilled in bicycle
drive-trains and Chain alignment,
for experts only.
Inner ring is 53mm,
DISC rotor surface diameter needs to be under 53mm.
9 outer holes are 10mm diameter.
Outer Diameter: 89mm, 3.5inches
Center Hole Diameter Bore: 34.5mm, 1.38in
Inner stepped in Ring Cup Diameter goes against rotor surface: 53mm, 2inches
Outer Step Diameter: 58.5mm, 2.3inches
Sample picture to show you how it looks all put to together.
Rotor and Sprocket purchased separately, not included.
In this listing you are purchasing the
DISC Drive Sprocket Adapter only.
Please view the video https://youtu.be/nQMK9GBFLV0
These are the sprockets that fit this
adapter, chose tooth count:
Please watch view the video: https://youtu.be/mhGUmSkF5n4


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DISC Drive Sprocket Adapter 9 Chainring Bolt Style

DISC Drive 3/8 offset, DISC Drive 1/4 offset, DISC Drive 1/8 offset, DISC Drive 3/8 offset w 9 Chainring Bolts, DISC Drive 1/4 offset w 9 Chainring Bolts, DISC Drive 1/8 offset w 9 Chainring Bolts

2 reviews for DISC Drive Sprocket Adapter 9 Chainring Bolt Style

  1. Justin (verified owner)

    Lightweight and solid construction. Product arrived very fast will be doing business again. Thank you for a great product.

  2. Amos

    Been running this set up for years love it love Lynn she is first class

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