Disc Hub Sprocket Adapter 3.3mm 1/8 inch Inset SKU: 20229

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If you would like bolts for adding a DISC with this adapter
order this one.
With bolts for Sprocket with no DISC.
Will fit on most aluminum DISC hub wheels with spokes or mag wheels.
Inner ring is 53mm, DISC rotor surface diameter needs to be under 53mm.
6 outer holes are 10mm diameter.
Weight: 2.6oz
Outer Diameter: 106mm, 4.17inches
Center Hole Diameter Bore: 34.5mm, 1.36in,  3.3mm 1/8 inch Inset
Inner stepped in Ring Cup Diameter goes against rotor surface: 53mm, 2inches
Outer step Diameter: 59.03mm, 2.32inches
For use with sprockets that fit on sprocket adapters.
The sprocket flat head holes need to be filed or drilled to 10mm holes.
And 3 single speed chainring bolts can be used to join the sprocket and Disc Brake Adapter.
See final sample picture. Sprocket and chainring bolts not included.
Adapter can be flipped for wider tires or motor alignment,
although the adapter is more secure with cup around DISC hub rotor surface.
MBRebel sprockets for sprocket adapters can be used on either side of the adapter.
Please watch the video https://youtu.be/QlhrK4RgYwg
Chainring bolts are usually used to attach the sprocket
to this adapter, sold separately found here.

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Weight .6 lbs

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