CYCLONE Power Pipe Expansion Chamber No Header Piece


Chrome with hanger tab, 2 gaskets,
No attachment piece to engine, customize as you like.
30.5 inches long, you may need to be modify to
fit your bicycle and motor set up.
This pipe may need to be highly modified
for your bike set up, bent, welded and parts fabricated.
Total Length: 30.5inches
Expansion Chamber Diameter: 4 1/8ths inches
Muffler Diameter: 2 inches
Package Includes:
1 × Muffler Exhaust
1 × Gasket, 1 × Aluminum Gasket
Weight: 3lb 12oz
The item is brand new but will have some
dents and scratches,it is common.
Mufflers may need to be heated red hot with MAP
gas and bent to fit your set up.
No returns on this upgraded exhaust muffler pipe.

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Additional information

Weight 15 lbs


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