CNC Springer Chain Tensioner with 10 Tooth Idler, Case Type


One of the best designs on the market today.
Has a built in anti jamb mechanism for inside
engine chain case.
You could also use a white idler wheel with this tensioner.
CNC machined Aluminum
Package Includes:
1x Spring Loaded Chain Tensioner (w/ 10T Drive Sprocket)
3x Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Fasteners
To install your CNC Chain Tensioner:
​First, you will remove your drive sprocket cover,
you will likely have to detach the clutch cable.
After your drive sprocket cover has been removed,
ensure that both the clutch actuator bearing that
came with your tensioner, and the one that was
already in your engine are installed, as well
as the bucking bar. Finally, line up the bolt
holes of your chain tensioner with the
bolt holes on the drives sprocket case cover
in such a way that the tensioner will end up
between the cover and the rest of the engine.
Finally bolt the tensioner and cover onto the
rest of the engine using
the longer bolts that are included with the
tensioner, and reattach your clutch cable.

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