Brown Leather Hairpin Saddle Bike Seat


Brown Leather Hairpin Saddle Bike Seat

This Chocolate Brown Leather Hairpin Saddle for Board Track Racers, Custom Schwinn Chopper Bikes,
Sleek Board Track Rat Rod Racers,High Wheel Bikes, 28″ tire 3rd world Bikes, and other Applications where a
Leather Saddle is Needed.
This Saddle is a reproduction of a Early High Wheel Bicycle Saddle, although its application covers all bikes.
Saddle has a Good Tough Rustic look and is real Comfortable after its break in period
(all leather saddles will be hard at first and have a breaking period).
I find the saddles look best in low (close to the frame) applications.
Seat is a import from India (as all hairpins are), it’s chrome Hairpin Spring system is sturdy,
the Leather is pretty nice, although it represents a 3rd world product that is made in India.
Leather can need further cleaning and conditioning by the user, (this applies to all hair pin saddles,
it’s a 3rd world product, then again this is just my opinion as I strive for perfection).
The saddle is approximately 9.5″ wide, 12″ nose to tail leather, and and close to 15 1/2″ over all including springs.
The seat has 7/8″ seat pan clamp, 7/8″ clamps are common to all new seats.
Always make sure the Seat Clamp is firmly tight and should not move before use.
Leather Saddle Specifications:
Length of Springs: 15″ 3/16ths Inches, 387mm
Length of Leather: 11″ 13/16ths Inches, 300mm
Width: 8″ 13/16ths Inches, 225mm
Height: 5″1/2 Inches, 140mm
Weight: 3Lbs 5.4oz.

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