6 Hex Bolts: Size 5mm X 12mm to 50mm 10.9 Hardness for DISC Hubs


6 Bolts for attachment of
DISC ISO standard brake hubs
rotors or sprockets, stacking of spacers,
for drive-train, DISC brake alignment.
Chose which bolts may work for your
attachment application.
Please measure.
6 Pieces Steel Alloy Bolts:
Size: Diameter X Length of Threaded Area
Chose from drop down menu.
Size: 5mm X 12mm Possible application, Rotor Attachment
Size: 5mm X 16mm Possible application, Sprocket Attachment
Size: 5mm X 20mm
Size: 5mm X 25mm
Size: 5mm X 30mm
Size: 5mm X 35mm
Size: 5mm X 40mm
Size: 5mm X 45mm
Size: 5mm X 50mm
These bolts fit standard DISC brake hubs.
Button Head Allen takes 3mm hex wrench.
Black 10.9 Class Hardness bolts
Black in color.
Use Locktite in final assembly.


Additional information

6 Hex Bolts: Size 5mm X 12mm to 40mm 10.9 Hardness for DISC Hubs

6pcs 5mm X 12mm Bolts, 6pcs 5mm X 16mm Bolts, 6pcs 5mm X 20mm Bolts, 6pcs 5mm X 25mm Bolts, 6pcs 5mm X 30mm Bolts, 6pcs 5mm X 35mm Bolts, 6pcs 5mm X 40mm Bolts, 6pcs 5mm X 45mm Bolts, 6pcs 5mm X 50mm Bolts


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