46 1/2″ Inch Sissy Bar Clamp Adjustable Chrome Super Tall 46.5inches


Clamp-adjustable low-rider 46 1/2″
that can be positioned at any angle you want.
This style may have been on the
or your own creation.
Tall high bike custom?
This sissy bar is super long,
have never seen another like this one available.
Adjustable sissybar, chrome
Sissybar clamps (pair)
Sissybar caps, black (pair)
Finish: Chrome
Length: 46.5inches, 117cm
Width: 5 11/16ths inch 143.6mm
Diameter of tube: 5/8ths 16mm
Weight: 14oz
Use with a seat post and banana seat
Dream custom bike.
This ( Long / Tall ) Sissybar Clamp Style Sissy Bar
allows for the most Seat height adjustibility
and seat may be adjusted without wheel removal,
but does require fender mount holes on your frame
to mount the clamps (Post war Schwinn bikes have them).
This Sissy Bar is our Full size Sissy Bar with Clamps,
It is Taller than Original Schwinn and is good for
custom applications and it may need to be cut down
for your application. Size Sissy Bar and Clamps
are New Quality Chrome Plated Steel,
the Sissy is approximately top 46.5″ total length,
is approx 42″ from the bottom to the seat hole,
thus giving you a 4 1/2″ tall loop.

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Weight 25 lbs


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