415 Chain With Master Link

415 Chain With Master Link

Precision Super duty 415 chain.
112 link,140cm/55inch length.
Fits counter shaft sprocket up to 4mm wide.
Includes master link and keeper.
Pin Length 12.7mm,link height 11.05mm.
Standard heavy duty chain for bicycle engines,
comes in kits stock size chain but better quality.

ANSI No. 415

Pitch – P 0.5 in
Pin Length 0.491in 12.7mm
Pin Diameter – D 0.154in 3.57mm
Roller Width – W 0.1.95in 4.88mm
Roller Diameter – R 0.304in 7.74mm
Plate Height – H 0.40in 10.12mm
Plate Thickness – T 0.060in 1.53mm
Overall Width – F 0.210in
Overall Width – G 0.230in
Average Weight Per Foot 0.23lb
Weight in Bag – 1Lb 5.2oz
Average Ultimate Strength 2,000lb
Finish – Carbon Steel
Length – 112 Links 55 Inches Long

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