36 Tooth Sprocket & Adapter 1.5inch For Coaster Brake Hubs

For Coaster Brake Hubs, back pedaling brake or hubs with 1.5 or 39mm diameter.
Sprocket works with 415 Chain, KMC Industrial 415 chain.
The Sprocket and Adapter Assembly is a durable aluminum unit that provides fast and easy installation.
Unlike the traditional sprocket clamp assembly, the Sprocket and Adapter Assembly ensures concentricity with
the wheel hub by using the unique two piece adapter that wraps around the rear wheel hub
and enables you to drive the entire wheel instead of applying pressure on the spokes.
The assembly also includes a 40 tooth sprocket that increases your top end speed.
The Sprocket is compatible with: 410 chain, Regular Bicycle Chain,
KMC INDUSTRIAL 415 SPEED CHAIN,and 415 Heavy Duty Chain found in kits.
The Sprocket and Adapter Assembly fits on any rear hub with a diameter of 1.5″.
The following are compatible coaster brake hubs:
KT High Stop
Shimano CB-110
Shimano CB-110E
Clam shell sprocket adapter bolts around the hub for fast and adjustable installation.
Ensures concentricity with the wheel hub.
Adjustable laterally for proper chain alignment with the engine.
Drives the entire wheel from the center of the hub…not the spokes!
CNC machined sprocket for correct tooth form
Adapter Fit Measurements that are in the range of 1.5 to 1.528.
The Shimano CB-110 hub is one of the most copied coaster brake hubs on the market.
Please measure your hub to assure correct installation.
Weight Of Sprocket And Adapter: 1 Lb 1.4oz
Material: Sprocket and Adapter Aluminum
2 Clamping Bolts of Adapter: 8mm Allen Head
3 Bolts for Sprocket Attachment: 8mm Flat Head Allen Bolts

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Additional information

Weight .8 lbs
Colors 36 Tooth Sprocket and 1.5 Adapter

Red 36 Tooth Sprocket and 1.5 Adapter, Black 36 Tooth Sprocket and 1.5 Adapter


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