12G Gauge 270mm SPOKES Stainless Steel with Nipple


270mm 12G Gauge SPOKES Stainless Steel with Nipple

May need to drill out your old hub to take 2.61mm thick 12G spokes,
and rim to take 4.62mm nipple. 95 cents each.12Gauge Nipples included!

These are form China and are Only 2.57mm Diameter, The nipples will not match my other, spokes.

Brass with nickel plate

Nipple 16mm length, 4.89mm body 6.95mm head diameter

Uses 4mm wrench, or Blue Park sw-3,!

12 Gauge = 2.6mm Diameter Standard these are from China and are 2.57mm diameter.

11 Gauge = 2.9mm Diameter

10 Gauge = 3.05mm Diameter

Some Chinese Importers are selling wheels with this Type of spoke and calling it 12 Gauge when it is not.

Additional information

12 Gauage China SS 270

10, 16, 18, 32, 36, 64, 72


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