26″ X 50mm Steel Rolled Edge 36 Hole


Steel Rim looks similar but wider than Worksman rim.
50mm wide outside rim measurement, 30mm inner rim measurement.
Rolled Edge similar profile to vintage motorcycle rims,
raised spoke dimple area for added strength.
Brushed chrome finish can be easily sanded and painted.
Wider rims, will fit 26 X 2.125 up too 26 X 4″ Tires.
On a wider rim tires look and are fatter.
Vintage style, strong rim , rolled edge, great
for painting to match your frame!
May have slight unfinished/black areas along inside of
rim, where rims strip goes.

Rim Specifications:

Color: Brushed Chrome

ERD Effective Rim Diameter: 537mm

Hub drilling: 36 Holes

Weight: 3lbs 7.6oz

Spoke Gauge: 12 Gauge or 11 Gauge

RIM: Steel 50mm wide, Rolled edge, inner 30mm

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Weight 23 lbs


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