26″ Phantom Bikes Felt Faker Gas Tank Frame Kit


Genuine Phantom Bikes Gas Tank Frame Kit
For 2-Stroke & 4-Stroke Engines.
American 2″ size bottom bracket,
Includes bottom bracket bearings.
Includes chain guard, 1 1/8 headset bearings
Phantom Bikes Headbadge, metal gas cap,
kickstand, standard petcock and
double bolt seatpost clamp.
100% pure class and quality.

Color: Raw Aluminum
Material: Aluminum
Weight: 10Lbs
Width Of Tank: 4 1/2inches, 115mm
Frame Length from Rear Drop Outs to top of Fork Head Tube: 45inches
Seat Tube Length from top of Bottom Bracket: 17 7/8 inches
Top Tube Length with Bend: 23 3/4inches
Head Tube Length: 5 15/16ths inches, 150mm
Head Tube Inner Diameter: 1 3/4inches, 44mm
Down Tube Diameter: 1.65″
Seat Tube Diameter: 1.25″
Bottom Bracket: American size 2″hole bottom bracket
Distance Between Rear Drop Outs: 5 inches, 127mm
Seat Post Size: 27.2mm not included
Seat Post Clamp Size: 31.8mm

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Weight 46.1 lbs


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