24″ X 38mm Steel 36 Hole Rim 12 Gauge Holes

38mm (see gallery picture)
wide outside rim measurement,
29mm inner rim measurement.
Match for standard 26 inch Chrome rim.
Brushed chrome finish can be easily sanded and painted.
Wider rims, will fit 26 X 2.125 up too 26 X 3″ Tires.
On a wider rim tires look and are fatter.
Vintage style, strong rim, great
for painting to match your frame!
Welded together, strong old school.
May have slight unfinished/black areas along inside of
rim, where rims strip goes.
These rims are made in Taiwan, they have jagged
spoke holes from drilling.
When building here in our shop
we usually take a larger drill bit
and shave off the drill burrs on each spoke hole
and the valve stem hole before lacing.
See gallery pictures.
Other suppliers and wheel builders
may have the same product, and not disclose
this information
we do not know.
At your own risk, sharp edges,
on all steel rims.

Size: 24in
Model: Steel 7X
ISO: 507
Width ID: 29
Width OD: 38
Profile: 16
Wall: Single
Side: Non Machined Side Wall
Color: Brushed Chrome
Spoke Drillings: 36
Valve: Schrader Valve
Diameter: 507
Valve: Schrader
Tire Type: Clincher
Brake Track: Non-Machined
Spoke Hole Diameter: for 12 Gauge nipples 7/8inch or 5.2mm
Weight: 2lbs 2.4oz each

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24" X 38mm Steel 36 Hole Rim 12 Gauge Holes

24" inch X 38mm Steel 36 Hole Rim, Pair of 24" X 38mm Steel 36 Hole Rim, 3 pieces 24" X 38mm Steel 36 Hole Rim


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