11G Gauge 202mm SPOKES STAINLESS STEEL with Nipple


11 G Gauge 194mm SPOKES STAINLESS STEEL with Nipple, 2.9mm thick stainless steel spokes.

11gauge nipples
Brass with nickle plate

Nipple 14.3mm length, 5.25mm diameter body 7.93mm head diameter, This nipple will fit in rims drilled for 12 Gauge spokes, so holes in rims do not need to be drilled out, saving time and rim strength.
Uses 4.30mm wrench,#11 slot in O SPOKE WRENCH

.90 cents each with nipple included.

12 Gauge = 2.6mm Diameter

11 Gauge = 2.9mm Diameter

10 Gauge = 3.05mm Diameter


Additional information

11G SS silver

10, 16, 18, 32, 36, 64, 72


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