10″ Inch Arch Chain Tensioner Kit U.S.A.


10″ Inch Arch Chain Tensioner Kit U.S.A.

Spans across the the rear frame chainstays.
Kit includes 10″Arch Part weldable steel,
White bearing tensioner wheel,
¾ U Clamp,1 1/8 U Clamp,
5/16 X 2inch” Socket Head Bolt
5/16 X 2 1/2inch” Socket Head Bolt
2 5/16 Nyloc nuts,and
4 1/4 Nyloc Nuts
5/16th spacer,5 washers.
Weight of Kit: 1Lb .08oz
The kits are designed to fit most bikes
additional or different size U clamps
can be found at your local hardware store.
Lazer Cut in the U.S.A. American designed and made.
Infinitely adjustable with spacers,to any bike frame.

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Weight 1.5 lbs


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