1″ Inch Threaded Triple Tree Fork Long Fork Tube 13 3/8ths inches DISC Chrome


This chrome fork has an extremely
long fork tube allowing fitment on
bikes with long frame form head tubes.
Like the Hyper cruiser from Walmart.
Only Available in Chrome. Now this fork has DISC Brake tabs!

Head Tube Length: 13 3/8ths inches Long
1″Inch Threaded Fork Tube
Threaded 8 1/2inches
Legs Down Tube Diameter: 1.25 inches, 32mm
Legs Down Tube Length: 29″ inches
Dropout Hub Spacing : 100mm standard, 4 inches
Distance Between Fork Tubes: 93mm, 3 7/8″inches
Legs Made out of Steel with DISC Brake Tab
Bridges made out Aluminum

Steering tube 1″ diameter (13 7/8″ steering tube),
approximately 29″ long fork legs x 31.5mm diameter.
Use with standard 1″ headset.
Its also good for custom chopper builders because
the steering tube can be cut to size and triple tree brackets
can be moved with Allen head bolts.
Can use your existing stem and bars,
see the PUMPKIN CHOPPER on the 2010 Bikes for Sale page. https://www.custommotoredbicycles.com/motored_bicycles_updated_201020112012
These forks will accept a 16″, 20″, 24″,26″or
29″front wheel,may need longer kickstand.
Weight: 5lb 9.6oz.

The Steer tube should be long enough for most or all applications and may require to be cut down for your application. MEASURE MANY TIMES and BE SURE BEFORE YOU CUT! There are NO Returns after improper measurement and Cut Fork. Keep in Mind the Headset Height , Head tube Height and Top Nut Height. The Fork Legs are approximately 30 ” in total long and are chrome plated 1 1/4″ Steel tubing. The the fork legs can be adjusted in height on the alloy triple tree crowns with the 5 mm Allen head screws. Should you desire a low fork and a clean look, the fork legs can be cut down if they are sticking out of the top fork crown. The Hub Spacing between the fork drop outs is approximately 101mm or 4″, Fork legs are approx 3 5/8″ or 92 mm apart, so tire clearance should not be an issue.

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