1.5″inch Sprocket Adapter with Spacers China


Made in China out of billet aluminum.
Please view the video
Actually drive the wheel through the hub.
You can easily align the chain with the engine’s sprocket.
Especially helpful if you have fat tires or your engine is offset.
And last but not least, these adapters are perfect
for mounting a sprocket to a 48 spoke wheel.
All of you Onyx 29er ‘riders out there rejoice!
Specs for 1.5 Adapter China:
Fits any rear hub with a diameter of 1.50-1.528″.
Used with 12G 11G and 14G spokes.
The following are compatible coaster brakes hubs:
-KT Ktrust
-Shimano CB-E110
-Shimano CB-110E
-And many more!
2 Clamping Bolts of Adapter: 8mm X 30mm Allen Head Coarse Thread
3 Spacers: 20.4mm long, 14.45mm diameter
3 Bolts for Sprocket Attachment: 10mm X 39.75mm Steel Black Flat Head Allen Bolts
3 Bolts for Sprocket Attachment: 10mm X 39.75mm Button Head Silver
Our sprockets here at MBRebel.com will fit these adapters

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